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Culture as a Competitive Advantage

Culture is at the core of winning businesses no matter how large they are. Leading convenience store chains have common traits that contribute to their unique nature. Clear values, a sense of caring, loyalty and humility, and a deep commitment to community are just a few of these common traits. These characteristics often directly affect decision making in the company and the way the company treats its employees, customers and suppliers. Many businesses quite rightly view a values-based culture as a competitive advantage and, as such, it is fiercely guarded. Hear how leading c-store chains are building their winning culture.

Working Breakfast: NAG Custom Research Discussion: What Drives Consumer Behavior for Delivery Services?

Third-party delivery has expanded significantly, but is it here to stay? What is driving consumers’ evolving behaviors and expectations, particularly in relation to convenience stores? How can convenience operators profitably compete with other channels offering delivery? Utilizing custom research fielded for the NAG audience, we will explore consumer needs and desired interaction with convenience locations when it comes to food and grocery products. Our retailer panel will then explore various data points, uncovering how they are adapting or plan to adapt to customer expectations.

Loading Up for Breakfast

As more commuters return to the office, the breakfast business continues to rise and shine at restaurants. With consumers typically rushed at breakfast time, it’s no wonder that quick-service restaurants and grab-and-go c-stores items accounted for more than 80% of total restaurant morning meals pre-pandemic, according to NPD. Recapturing a strong breakfast business requires great food and outstanding service, but it’s important to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to make sure investing in the morning daypart makes sense for your brand and your customer base.

How to Build Customer Loyalty Through Engagement

Convenience store loyalty programs are evolving, and they can present a treasure trove of information. Plus, new subscription-based models can help chains grow repeated sales from a captive audience. But as companies gather information on their customers, they must also be mindful of emerging data privacy laws. Learn how leading c-store chains are growing sales through loyalty engagement, while carefully navigating privacy regulations.

Lessons from Covid: How the Industry is Recovering from a Pandemic

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the retail sector and the nation’s supply chains are still unfolding. Retail has experienced massive labor shortages, supply disruptions and price increases. It’s impossible to predict the next pandemic, but retailers have learned quite a few lessons on how to deal with the next catastrophe. Hear from three convenience store retailers that embraced the unique challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented and learn about the leadership and stability they provided to guide their companies through those difficult days.

Human Resources: Staffing, Recruiting and Retaining Personnel in a Labor Shortage

The labor shortage exists, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The reality that it coincides with a growing skills gap makes for a very challenging time for retail executives and hiring managers. Experts recommend that HR leaders look to and build relationships with universities, recruiters and search firms, allow current staff to take part in external professional activities to help attract new talent, and look for potential employees on job boards and other social media outlets. Hear how top-quartile chains are winning the labor battle.

It’s all About Business Outcomes

Learn from leading convenience and fuel retailers about their approach to creating loyal customer behavior and the investments that drive targeted business outcomes. NAG has partnered with Stuzo to survey convenience store chains and convenience store customers to find out what is driving sales at convenience stores. Topics covered include:

  • Loyalty, Payment and Cross-Channel Customer Experience (CX) Campaigns
  • Onsite and Offsite Engagement
  • CPG-Funded Offers
  • Security and Privacy

YEO BREAKOUT: Understanding the Future of Retail Payment Systems

Online shopping has become easier through mobile and digital payments, but retailers are slow to see the benefits in brick and mortar stores. How can c-stores join the consumer demand for frictionless payment? In this session, experts on payments will discuss where digital payments are going, and how the convenience industry can abandon cards for digital currencies.

Operations Boot Camp

Best practices and a conference wrap up


  1. The Rise of Electric Vehicles: What it Means for C-Stores
  2. HR: Unleashing the Power of Mobile Apps for Staffing
  3. What’s Next for Tobacco, CBD and Cannabis
  4. Foodservice: How to Cut the Partnership on Delivery
  5. How to Build a Private Label Business
  6. The Business of Coffee: Is Bean to Cup for You?
  7. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin: What C-Stores Need to Know

Store Tours: Stops to include Keg n Bottle Market, Chevron Extra Mile, The UC San Diego Bookstore Sunshine Market, Street Corner, Russell’s Convenience